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Shijun Maomao Chen, a cinematographer lives in Beijing and Hong Kong.


Studied Cinema and Television, Chen finished his Bachelor degree in Hong Kong Baptist University at Academy of Film. With the guidance and instructions from Poon Hang-Sang, Emilie Yueh Yu Yeh and Yimin Chen in HKBU, Chen laid a solid foundation in filmmaking both practically and theoretically. After graduation, Chen jumped into Phoenix Satellite TV as director and cameraman, travelled most of countries in South Asia and made 5 documentaries. 


Carrying a heart full of love for narrative films and interests in industrial workflow in Hollywood filmmaking, Chen set a new journey on Los Angeles, studying Cinematography in MFA program at Chapman University Dodge College. Riding along with masters from ASC like Bill Dill and Johnny E. Jensen, Chen was brought up to a more integrated level of filmmaking in cinematography.


2015 till now, Chen has shot more than 30 films and some of them made into around 30 international film festivals. In addition to be a cinematographer, Chen participated more than 70 productions as gaffer or first assistant camera. 





心系故事片和对于好莱坞工业流程的浓厚兴趣,驱使着他来到美国洛杉矶,在美国查普曼大学道奇电影学院,开始学习电影摄影专业。师从于美国摄影师协会的Bill Dill,Johnny E. Jensen等电影摄影师。



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